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Coop launches palm oil offensive

Coop is taking a big step forward and in the future will also use organic bud palm oil from sustainable production in its conventional own-label foods.

Organic palm oil


Coop is growing and gaining market share

With growth rates of 3.1% for the Group as a whole and 1.4% in the retail segment, Coop is expanding at an above-average rate.

Group sales of CHF 29.2 billion


Coop Group raises sales to over CHF 29 billion

The Coop Group’s sales rose by 3.0% to CHF 29.2 billion. Coop gained market shares in Retail and exceeded the previous year's net sales by 1.4%.

Sales increased by 3.0%


Coop to sell the first insect burgers from Essento

Burgers and balls with meal worms as delicious ingredients: These two products will be available at a few selected Coop supermarkets and online at coop@home.

Burgers and balls with meal worms.

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