Corporate strategy
Transgourmet takes over c+c pfeiffer

Transgourmet to expand to Austria

On 1 January 2016, Transgourmet will acquire 100% of the shares in Austria's c+c pfeiffer, a subsidiary of the Pfeiffer retail group. This will give Transgourmet a foothold in Austria and entry to an important catering market. c+c pfeiffer is a traditional, successful company which in recent years has become the market leader in Austria's wholesale catering sector. With this takeover, Transgourmet will further enhance its position as Europe's second-largest wholesale supplies and cash & carry business.

c+c pfeiffer operates 12 cash & carry stores and the wine and beverage wholesaler TrinkWerk, as well as the premium coffee roasting company JAVAREI in Austria. All c+c pfeiffer stores offer a tried-and-tested combination of cash & carry and delivery services. Pfeiffer has thus been implementing the multi-channel concept since 1980 – as Transgourmet is doing with such success in Switzerland and Germany. c+c pfeiffer employs 1,421 staff and recorded sales of EUR 468 million in 2014. In the catering sector, c+c pfeiffer is Austria's largest company.

Transgourmet's acquisition of the c+c pfeiffer stores will result in a close collaboration with the Pfeiffer retail group, with Transgourmet owning 50% of the shares in their business TOP-TEAM Zentraleinkauf GmbH. Purchasing will continue to be carried out for the retail activities of the Pfeiffer retail group, as well as for Transgourmet's new cash & carry stores. This will secure a link to Austria and further strengthen supplier relations.

The Transgourmet Group already operates in Germany, France, Poland, Romania and Russia as well as Switzerland. With the acquisition of c+c pfeiffer, Transgourmet is taking the opportunity to expand to Austria and further enhance its position in Europe. "I am very pleased to be able to welcome c+c pfeiffer to our Group on 1 January 2016," says Hansueli Loosli, Chairman of the Transgourmet Board of Directors. "We want to expand further within Austria and significantly strengthen our position in Europe."

Transgourmet is Europe's second-largest wholesale supplies and cash & carry business. It includes Prodega/Growa/Transgourmet in Switzerland, Selgros Cash & Carry in Germany, Romania, Poland and Russia, Transgourmet Germany and Transgourmet France. In 2014, the Transgourmet Group had 22,800 staff across Europe and recorded net sales of more than CHF 7 billion according to the current exchange rate. Transgourmet Holding AG has its headquarters in Basel and is part of the Coop Group.

The acquisition of the shares will go ahead subject to approval by the competition authorities.