The Coop Group’s sales rose by 3.0% to CHF 29.2 billion. Coop gained further market shares in Retail and exceeded the previous year's net sales by 1.4%. Wholesale and Production posted a gratifying performance, advancing by 6.0%.

Net sales in the retail business area amounted to CHF 17.4 billion. Customer footfall at Coop supermarkets was up by a good 5.7%, generating CHF 10.3 billion in net sales, which was higher than in the previous year. The specialist formats advanced net sales by 2.8% to CHF 7.1 billion. In the home electronics segment, Coop further strengthened its position as market leader, with net sales of over CHF 2.0 billion.

Wholesale / Production
In the Wholesale / Production business area, net sales rose by 6.0% to CHF 13.0 billion. The Transgourmet Group generated net sales of CHF 9.1 billion. Transgourmet thus grew by 6.0% and further expanded its position as Europe's second-largest wholesale supplies and cash & carry company.

The Coop Group's online business continues to expand. Net sales amounted to CHF 1.7 billion, corresponding to growth of 18.8%. In retail, net sales in the online business rose by 19.8% to CHF 675 million. The online supermarket Coop@home posted very solid growth of 10.5% with net sales of CHF 142 million. The online shops in the home electronics segment (Microspot, Nettoshop, Fust and Interdiscount) also continued on their success course, with growth of 22.8% to CHF 422 million. In the wholesale business, net online sales rose by 18.2% to CHF 1.0 billion.

The own-label sustainability brands and quality labels in retail performed very well again in 2017. Sustainability sales grew by 5.6% to over CHF 3.7 billion.


The press conference on the annual results will take place on 15 February 2018.