With growth rates of 3.1% for the group as a whole and 1.4% in the retail segment, Coop is expanding at an above-average rate. Group sales amounted to CHF 29.2 billion in 2017. Profit rose by CHF 10 million to CHF 485 million.

In terms of sustainability, Coop remains the market leader, with growth of 10.4% and net sales of CHF 4.3 billion. Coop generated CHF 1.4 billion with organic products alone (+10.7%). The e-commerce business also posted strong sales growth of 18.5% to CHF 1.7 billion.

Having grown 6.2% to CHF 13.0 billion, the Wholesale / Production business area is performing very well, too.

EBIT rose by 5.7% to CHF 806 million. Both Retail and Wholesale / Production contributed to this growth.

Coop Group
The Coop Group generated total sales of CHF 29.2 billion. EBIT was 5.7% up on the previous year and came to CHF 806 million. Both Retail and Wholesale / Production contributed to this higher result. Annual profit amounted to CHF 485 million, which is over CHF 10 million more than in the previous year.

The Coop Group’s gross investments amounted to CHF 1.6 billion. Equity including minority interests reached 47.9% of total assets. The Coop Group therefore remains on a very solid financial foundation and is well positioned for future development.

As at 31 December 2017, the Coop Group had a workforce of 86 318 persons (+1 317), including 3 484 trainees. The company has a total of 55 375 employees (+298) in Switzerland.

In 2017 Coop once again charted significant increases in all its sustainable ranges. Sales from sustainable products totalled CHF 4.3 billion (+10.4%). Coop generated CHF 1.4 billion with organic products alone (+10.7%). Coop remains the undisputed leader in this market in Switzerland.

Online business is also exhibiting strong growth. Net sales amounted to CHF 1.7 billion, which is CHF 267 million more than in the previous year. In retail, net sales in the online business rose by 19.7% to CHF 676 million. Microspot and coop@home were the main contributors to this result. The online supermarket coop@home is gaining further market shares. It posted above-average growth of 10.5%, while net sales amounted to CHF 142 million.

Coop’s retail sales grew by an above-average 1.4%, generating net sales of CHF 17.4 billion.

Customer footfall at Coop supermarkets was up by 5.7%, generating CHF 10.3 billion in net sales, which was higher than in the previous year. The Coop supermarkets thus increased their market share, especially in the fresh produce segment.

The specialist formats advanced net sales by 2.8% to CHF 7.1 billion.
Interdiscount, Microspot, Fust and Nettoshop generated over CHF 2.0 billion in sales, corresponding to growth of CHF 51 million. They thus consolidated their leadership position in the consumer electronics market.

The Coop Group operates 2 295 retail outlets, which is 41 more than in the previous year. Coop thus continues to have the densest network of sales outlets in Switzerland.

Wholesale / Production
In the Wholesale / Production business area, Coop achieved net sales of CHF 13.0 billion, an increase of 6.2%. Adjusted for acquisitions, the Wholesale / Production business area grew by 4.9%.

The Transgourmet Group generated net sales of CHF 9.1 billion. Transgourmet thus grew by 6.3% and further expanded its position as Europe's second-largest wholesale supplies and cash & carry company.

Net sales generated by manufacturing companies grew by 6.1% and totalled CHF 4.3 billion.