What we represent

Get to know the Coop Group’s values: what we champion, how we set ourselves apart and what is important to us. By upholding these values, we can ensure our long-term success.

Our success pyramid

Together to the top

Our 90 000 employees all share the same group vision: Together to the top. This is underpinned by shared values.

Our commitment

Our commitment to society and the environment is diverse. We promote more sustainability in various areas and offer our customers unforgettable experiences with our sponsorship of cultural and sporting events.

For more sustainability

We have firmly integrated sustainability into our day-to-day work and consider our commitment to be an essential foundation for our long-term success. Switzerland’s largest selection of organic-grade fish and seafood, an award-winning environmentally friendly combination of road and rail to transport goods and an official partnership with the Swiss Red Cross – these are three of the 370 sustainable actions that we have developed and taken in retail alone.

Coop as an employer

  • Coop nurtures talent: Stefanie Sonderegger started out as a retail trainee

Stefanie Sonderegger, retail trainee, now manager of Coop Oberriet SG

"Straight after the trainee programme, I was able to lead a team of 110 staff members – and also contribute and implement my ideas straight away."