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Our story

Garden Gourmet has been around since 1986! And thanks to these many years of experience, we know how to delight our customers and inspire them with a wide range of vegan and vegetarian products and recipes.
100% taste without compromise!


You are what you eat… That's why we've perfected the nutritional values of our products. All ingredients and nutritional values are shown on the packaging so you are well informed and can make the right decision for yourself.
The Nutri-Score is a colour and letter-based scale that gives an overview of the nutritional quality of foods and beverages and helps you to make the right decision about your food. The scale ranges from A (highest quality) to E (lowest quality). Most of our products have already achieved a Nutri-Score of A, but we are still working to improve them further. More information about the Nutri-Score can be found at
We use soy protein in almost all of our products as it contains all nine of the essential amino acids that our bodies need. What's more, all of our Garden Gourmet products have a high protein content – without using any animal-based protein. Thanks to the many vegetables and other plant-based ingredients that they contain, our products provide sufficient fibre, too.

Garden Gourmet: a major focus on sustainability

Sustainability at Garden Gourmet
We're not going to solve our environmental problems by simply asking people to stop eating meat. Instead, we've developed another answer: a range of tasty plant-based products and recipes. But sustainability is important to Garden Gourmet in another area too: we want to reduce our CO2 footprint even further and become carbon-neutral by the end of 2022.