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Vitalizes body and mind.

Red Bull Energy Drink is enjoyed around the world by top athletes and students and on demanding jobs and long drives.

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Even ancient peoples knew about caffeine. They obtained caffeine from natural sources such as tea, coffee, cocoa beans and kola nut and valued its stimulating effect on the human body.
B complex vitamins
Vitamins are essential micronutrients that help to maintain normal bodily functions.
Taurine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the human body and in the daily diet. It is involved in a great many biological processes.
The sugar in Red Bull Energy Drink is obtained from sugar beet.
Water is one of the main ingredients in Red Bull Energy Drinks.

Sustainability at Red Bull

The life cycle of a can.

Every can has more than one life. At Red Bull, sustainability is in our DNA: we focus on the correct way to deal with packaging materials and on reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption during production and distribution.
The aluminium can is one of the very few types of packaging that can be almost fully recycled – it can even be melted down and recycled as many times as desired without losing quality. This is a key benefit, because recycling an aluminium can saves around 95% energy compared to making a new one.
Wall-to-wall produktion
At the main Red Bull production sites in Austria, Switzerland and the USA, the transport routes of the cans are minimized through what is known as "wall-to-wall production". In this innovative process, the production of the beverage and can, as well as filling, all happen at the same location. After filling, the majority of the cans are transported by rail to convenient ports and then transported by sea around the whole world.
The transport and product cycles are being consistently optimized. The compact, light aluminium can is a key factor in reducing CO₂ during transportation, packaging and storage. On top of this, we favour climate-friendly types of transport as far as possible.

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