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Hooray for salads

If you’re looking for the perfect dressing for your salad, THOMY's here to help. We'll help you choose and tell you what makes each dressing so special.
Perfect salad dressings from THOMY, even for Caesar salads.
THOMY salad dressings

Dressings with a special something

Discover THOMY salad dressings with a fresh kick, containing only selected, natural ingredients:
Sea salt and sweet and fruity tomatoes in French Dressing
Aromatic herbs and sea salt in Mediterranean Herb Dressing
Olive oil and aromatic herbs in Italian Dressing
Whole mustard seeds and egg yolk in French à l’ancienne Dressing
Crunchy mustard seeds in Fig and Mustard Dressing
Aromatic herbs in Yoghurt Dressing
THOMY classic salad dressings

Our popular classics

«A salad for me, please» is the defining feature for real connoisseurs and fans of classic THOMY salad dressings.
Which is your favourite?
Balsamico with oak-aged balsamic vinegar for an aromatic salad dressing
Spanish with the delicious flavour of tangy garlic
French Herbs with fine herbs and a hint of parsley
Honey Mustard with creamy honey and delicious mustard
Italian with red wine vinegar and a Mediterranean note

THOMY salad dressings