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Information about the key nutrients

Through what we eat and drink, we provide our body with essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, oils and proteins as well as vitamins and minerals. These ensure that we remain efficient and perform vital functions in our body. However, no food contains all the nutrients in sufficient quantity.

Even the vitamin and mineral content of different fruits and vegetable varies greatly. For this reason, it is important to eat a varied diet, as this is the only way to meet all your nutritional requirements. Where cereal products are concerned, wholegrain varieties in particular are a valuable source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and other nutrients.
Nutritional requirements are individual and depend on both gender, age and genetics as well as physical activity. Life circumstances such as pregnancy or illness also affect our nutritional needs. Find out all the must-have information about the individual nutrients. We also share useful nutrition tips which you can instantly incorporate in your daily eating habits. Get browsing now!