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Cashew nuts are obtained from the fruit of the cashew tree, which only thrives in tropical climates. The nuts available in our country come mainly from Africa. Botanically speaking, they are not nuts, but seeds. Cashews are only sold shelled, as the shell is poisonous. The process of extracting the nuts is complex and involves a lot of manual work. To extract the cashews, the nuts have to be heated twice.
Cashew tree with fruits
Cashews are characterized by a particularly fine, mild and slightly sweet taste and are versatile in the kitchen. They are delicious seasoned as an aperitif snack, in muesli or salads. In Asian cuisine, for example, they add a special touch to curries.
Cashew nuts are rich in magnesium, vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and vitamin E. Furthermore, the nuts contain many monounsaturated fatty acids. These help maintain normal cholesterol levels and should make up at least one third of our total fat intake.