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Vegan proteins: the most important sources

Owing to the absence of animal-derived products, vegans have fewer high-protein foods to choose from. As such, they must take extra care to ensure they get enough protein.

Animal-derived vs. vegan sources of protein

Vegan sources of protein such as peas, vegetables, tofu, nuts and mushrooms in different containers
Protein is not just in animal-derived foods – many plant-based foods also contain protein. The following plant-based foods in particular are important for ensuring your protein requirements are fulfilled:
  • pulses such as lentils, kidney beans and chickpeas,
  • soya or soya products such as edamame and tofu,
  • nuts,
  • grain,
  • seitan.
Our body can utilize plant-based proteins less effectively than animal-derived proteins. For this reason, people who eat a purely plant-based diet should probably consume more protein. Vegan high-protein products can help to meet their needs.
You can find more information about plant-based diets in our "Vegan diet" guide.

Vegan high-protein products