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Lentils originate from Asia Minor and were among the first plants to be cultivated. Today, India, Canada and Turkey are among the largest lentil producers in the world. Lentils are also grown in western Switzerland.
Whether red, yellow, green or brown – there are many different kinds of pulses. And when it comes to taste, they range from nutty and aromatic to mild. Their consistency can be waxy or firm. Lentils are a highly versatile ingredient, suitable for stews and soups, sauces or salads. They are even used in desserts.
A plate of lentil dal with 75 grams of dried lentils provides about 6 milligrams of iron. This amount corresponds to almost half of the recommended daily amount. Besides folate, lentils also contain a lot of vitamin B1, which contributes to normal heart function.
Pulses like lentils are also rich in protein. Therefore, they play an important role in a vegetarian and vegan diet. You can find all the important information about vegetarian and vegan nutrition here.