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Buy products with no added sugar at Coop

We should reduce our sugar consumption in everyday life for the benefit of our health. It's not always clear at first glance how much added sugar a product contains. That's why the "no added sugar" label can help us quickly find alternatives with no added sugar.

In Coop's range, you'll find plenty of foods that carry the "no added sugar" label on the packaging and which can be ordered conveniently online. These do not contain any of the following ingredients:
  • Added sugars such as granulated sugar, fructose, glucose syrup or honey
  • Ingredients containing sugar which have only been added to the product to sweeten it, e.g. malt extract or fruit juice concentrate
Products with obvious characteristics are not labelled. The "no added sugar" label is only placed on products in which consumers may expect added sugar.
Sweeteners are permitted to be added to products with no added sugar. Products containing sweeteners can be identified by the information "with sweetener(s)" in the description.


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