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Our plant-based brands for meat and fish substitutes

Our plant-based range includes our own YOLO and Délicorn brands with a broad selection of meat alternatives. We also offer various popular brands of plant-based substitute products such as Beyond Burger, Planted, The Green Mountain, and many more.


YOLO’s motto is: “Just plants, no kiddin' – enjoy life to the max, 100% plant-based”. This young brand of plant-based substitute products has been available exclusively in our supermarkets and at since 2019.
From meat substitutes such as cold cuts, sausages and schnitzels to vegan cream cheese, YOLO's offer caters to your plant-based enjoyment at home. Frozen products, ready meals and convenience products such as sandwiches, muesli and salads perfectly complement the YOLO range.

The Green Mountain

The Green Mountain stands for zero meat and Swiss authenticity and won the 2021 Swiss vegan newcomer of the year award. After three years of intensive development work, The Green Mountain offers all flexitarians alternatives without compromise. The range now includes more than a dozen vegan products – from whole meat cuts to sliced and breaded meats to meat loaf and sausages.
The purely plant-based products can be prepared like meat, and taste like it, too. The plant-based proteins and the other plant-based raw materials are excellent sources of fibre and have high levels of vitamin B12. The Green Mountain products were developed in the Hilcona Taste Factory, a start-up based in Landquart in the canton of Graubünden.


Since 2006, Coop has offered a delicious range of vegetarian and vegan alternatives to meat under the own-label Délicorn brand. These 30 or so products are based on natural ingredients such as soya, wheat, vegetables and milk proteins. At Délicorn, you'll find a wide selection of everything from burgers and sausages to sliced meat, minced meat and various schnitzels.
The products are tender, juicy and flavoursome, thus providing high-quality alternatives to meat. They are easy to prepare since all products are ready to be pan-fried or grilled.


Planted creates delicious meat from plant-based proteins, aiming to reduce the negative impact of the traditional meat industry while providing healthy proteins – without additives and only from natural ingredients.
Since 2019, the Swiss company has been noted for its innovations, having first made waves with its planted.chicken made from pea protein. This was followed by innovations such as planted.pulled, which uses sunflower proteins from leftover oil production, with BBQ, Spicy Herbs and Nature marinades. Other innovations are being developed and will soon be on Coop’s shelves.

Garden Gourmet

Garden Gourmet stands for a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan products. A source of inspiration for delicious and varied dishes that are easy to prepare – without compromising on taste.
The Garden Gourmet range includes many delicious meat alternatives such as burgers, sliced meat, nuggets or schnitzel. The plant-based fish alternative Vuna can be used in sandwiches, salads or pasta. Quick to prepare, Garden Gourmet ensures a varied menu.

Outlawz Food

The mission of Outlawz Food AG is to make it easier for people to access more sustainable products without giving up on pleasure or having to change their habits. The range includes a variety of meat substitutes based on wheat protein, from different cold cuts to various types of sliced meat and plant-based bacon cubes.
Care is always taken to ensure that the fundamental values of social justice, sustainability and the well-being of nature and animals are respected at every step of the process. Today about 99% of the raw materials used by Outlawz Food come from Europe. The cardboard packaging is 100% composed of plant waste.


The Beyond Meat Burger has gained legendary status as the pioneer of plant-based meat alternatives that are on a par with meat in terms of flavour, consistency and appearance. It was developed by the Californian start-up Beyond Meat.
The Beyond Burger features a similar composition to burgers made from meat: proteins, fat, trace elements and water. 100 g contain 17.6 g of purely plant-based proteins derived from the basic ingredient: peas. In addition, beetroot delivers the meaty red colouring, while coconut oil and potato starch ensure the necessary texture and succulent consistency.
In 2019, Coop brought Beyond Burger to Swiss supermarkets for the first time.