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Bio Suisse: the bud guarantees the organic nature of a product

Bio Suisse is the umbrella organization of Swiss organic producers and owner of the bud label, which certifies organic products in accordance with very strict guidelines. We are a close partner of Bio Suisse and virtually all 2 700 of our Naturaplan products plus other own-label brands bear the bud label.

Our products

Here's what distinguishes the bud

The Bio Suisse organization is supported by just under 7 000 bud farms and horticultural enterprises. Since it was founded in 1981, it has become the most important organic organization in Switzerland and has also been leading by example abroad. We have been in close partnership with Bio Suisse since the launch of our Naturaplan organic brand in 1993. Due to the increase in demand for organic products, more and more businesses are making the switch and producing food in line with the strict bud standard.

Overview of bud products

Organic products comprising at least 90% Swiss raw materials.
Organic products comprising more than 10% raw materials from abroad. Both imported products and Swiss products are subject to the same strict bud guidelines.
Products from companies that have recently switched to the Bio Suisse guidelines must bear the conversion bud label for the first two years.
Products such as fertilizer, soil or pesticides which are permitted as auxiliaries in organic farming.

Stringent organic guidelines

Thanks to the strict Bio Suisse guidelines, Naturaplan is the organic brand with the strictest requirements in Switzerland. The bud guidelines go beyond the legal requirements for organic products in many areas. A few examples:
  • Closed, natural cycle – the entire farm is organically run, not just individual branches of the operation
  • Humane animal husbandry;
  • Promotion of biodiversity;
  • No use of synthetic chemical agents;
  • No added colours or flavours in the processing;
  • Regional and climate-friendly (e.g. flying ban).