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Pioneer of humane animal husbandry

Coop Naturafarm was launched in spring 2007 as an independent own-label brand for meat and eggs from farms with animal-friendly access-to-range or free-range facilities. We had already laid the foundations for this in the 80s and 90s. Together with partners, this was a pioneering achievement in Swiss retail.

Animal husbandry programmes for top-quality meat

We have worked with Swiss Animal Protection (SAP) to develop our own animal husbandry programmes for cows, pigs, calves and chickens. Find out more about all we do to promote high-quality Swiss meat and eggs from humane animal husbandry.

Naturafarm beef

These beef products come from animals reared using suckler cow husbandry. This means that for their first ten months of life, the young animals are raised naturally in the herd alongside the suckler cows and have daily access to pasture. In bad weather, they can exercise outside in the yard and lie down inside on straw bedding. To begin with, they get their milk straight from the udder. Later they feed on hay, grass or silage.

Naturafarm pork

By nature, pigs are inquisitive and like to move around. For this reason, pigs on IP Suisse farms have access to range at all times and can lie down on straw bedding. They live in groups. Playing with other pigs and exercising in the fresh air are all part of a pig’s natural behaviour. This prevents them from becoming stressed and guarantees happy, healthy pigs.

Naturafarm chicken

Naturafarm chickens are free-range animals and have daily access to pasture and an outdoor area with straw. They are robust, slow-growing breeds that produce particularly tasty meat with a firm texture. All animals come from Swiss parent flocks – we do not import young chicks or fertilized eggs.

Naturafarm eggs

Naturafarm laying hens can roam around freely in the barn and have access to pasture. They also have an outdoor area for scratching and taking dust baths – perfect free-range conditions for chickens. Artificial colours are prohibited in the feed. All eggs are clearly labelled with the laying date and producer code.


Naturafarm calves are kept in groups of no more than 50 and can go out in the fresh air or lie down in large straw-covered areas at any time. They are given lots of hay to eat which contains natural nutrients and minerals such as iron. This gives the calf a firm, aromatic, rose-coloured flesh.

Strict guidelines and checks

Naturafarm products are subject to strict requirements which are mostly drawn up with Swiss Animal Protection (STS) and regularly monitored by independent bodies. Any breaches may be punished with fines, temporary bans or total exclusion from the Naturafarm programme.

Guidelines for download