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Sustainable textiles with purpose

For Naturaline, fashion is more than just a trend: we have been committed to consistently sustainable textile production for more than 25 years. Through our textiles, we tell the stories of the people and the environment behind them, demonstrating how fashion and textiles can be a force for good in the world.

Naturaline Textiles at Coop

Direct ties with our producers

Naturaline organic cotton is grown by small farmers in Tanzania and India
We have been working closely for many years with Remei Ag and the bioRe Foundation. This gives us direct access to around 5200 small-scale farmers in India and Tanzania. The result: a genuine link between our textiles and our commitment to sustainability.

We support the bioRe Foundation

One key aspect of Naturaline's work is our commitment to the bioRe Foundation, which is dedicated to the productivity and diversity of cotton farming and helps safeguard the basic needs of farming families and in India and Tanzania who grow cotton for Naturaline. We are happy to be able to support the bioRe Foundation with implementing specific projects involving organic agriculture, education and health.
A white Naturaline t-shirt. Sustainability matters to Naturaline – from the cultivation of the raw material to the finished product

Both organic and fair

Naturaline is the world's secomd largest provider of fairly traded organic cotton textiles.
Organic cotton cultivation has several advantages over conventional cotton growing: it saves resources, its production poses no health risks, and it saves farming families from having to rely on loans. Genetic engineering and synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers are strictly forbidden. The form of irrigation used is also important: in Tanzania, the cotton is watered exclusively by rain, whilst production in India uses drip irrigation systems.
But simply being organic is not enough for us! The cotton for Naturaline textiles is also fairly traded. The farmers receive a fairtrade premium and a purchase guarantee for their cotton. Through our active support for the bioRe Foundation, we are also committed to social and environmental projects in Tanzania and India which seek to improve living conditions in the farmers’ village communities.

Strong partnerships enable responsible business practices

Thanks to the close cooperation with Remei AG, all Naturaline textiles are traceable - back to their origin. Most Naturaline products can be traced back through every step in the supply chain to the cotton seed, using the traceability code on the product. Our vision for responsible textile production is shared by all our suppliers and producers. Together, we successfully uphold our social and environmental responsibility along all our supply chains.
An efficient oven which contributes to carbon offsetting.

Carbon offsetting in our own supply chains

Naturaline textiles are carbon neutral. The sparing use of resources and the carbon offsetting solutions that are sometimes necessary in the supply chains are important to us. Therefore, through the bioRe Foundation we specifically support the construction of biogas plants and efficient ovens in India and Tanzania. In this way, we offset emissions directly at the cotton farms that grow cotton for Naturaline and, at the same time, the biogas plants and ovens improve the living conditions of the local people.