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nu3 - The best for intelligent nutrition

nu3 develops innovative products of the highest quality for health-conscious people. The portfolio comprises four product lines: Natural food, fitness, weight loss and health.
In the interests of consumer well-being, the nu3 team of experts fpocuses on the best nutrients, transparency and sustainability in roduct development, without sacrificing taste. nu3 has been awarded the IFS Broker certificate for compliance with the highest standards in product quality and food safety. A large selection of nu3 products is available in around 290 stores and at

Innovative food for every day

The nu3 portfolio comprises over 200 products. When developing the products, the nu3 team of experts combines high quality, innovative ingredients and maximum functionality in a variety of ways. This holistic approach, many years of experience and the complete compliance with the highest standards of product quality make nu3 stand out from the rest. This makes healthy eating really fun!

100 % pure peanut butter

This fine cream consists exclusively of gently roasted peanuts and does not contain any added salt, sugar or palm oil. Spoon by spoon, it provides plenty of protein and unsaturated fatty acids. But not only that! The creamy peanut butter is irresistible in taste and can be used in many ways: traditionally on toast with jam, as a topping for pancakes or in porridge, it is simply delicious. But it is also excellent in protein shakes or for baking. For all those who like it crunchy: Peanut butter is available in another variant - with crunchy peanut pieces.

The pure coconut - nothing else

nu3 organic coconut oil is made from the flesh of organically grown, fresh coconuts. It comes from first cold pressing - for maximum nutrient retention. Thanks to its exotic aroma, virgin coconut oil is an ideal ingredient in the kitchen and is particularly suitable for smoothies, bowls, curries and Asian soups. As the oil is very heat-stable and therefore does not develop harmful substances like other vegetable oils, it is also ideal for frying and an optimal butter substitute for vegans.

Fine chocolate cream for all fitness enthusiasts

The nu3 Fit Protein Cream is more than just a spread. With 21% protein from high-quality whey protein concentrate and 86% less sugar than conventional products, the cream is an ideal fitness spread. Palm oil, gluten and aspartame? These are completely unnecessary, just like the addition of sugar. The protein spread also has a chocolaty, nutty taste - thanks to aromatic hazelnuts, finely tart cocoa and natural vanilla aroma. It is delicious as a topping on bread, pancakes or waffles and also tastes delicious as a chocolaty filling for muffins and mug cakes.

Vegan protein shakes for the natural protein boost

Fancy pure vegetable protein and that extra dose of power? Nothing easier than that! We've gone one step further and added a fine chocolate-macchio taste to the classics of hemp, rice, peas and sunflowers. The vegetable protein mix with 49% protein provides all essential amino acids. It is free of sweeteners and refined sugar, colourings and preservatives. It tastes good and does you good. 100% vegan, 100% organic, 100% power!

Protein pancake mix with high-quality flours

The gluten-free nu3 baking mix for fluffy and protein-rich pancakes combines fine rice and almond flour with the starch of tapioca. With 10 % protein, the pancakes contain twice as much protein as conventional pancakes and only 1.5 % sugar. Since the pancakes do not contain any added sugar, they are suitable for both sweet and savoury recipes. Ready for a new breakfast experience? Just mix the baking mix with water, bake in a little oil, and you're done!