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Prix Garantie Beer


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Coop Prix Garantie: good beer at a low price

A weekend barbecue, a fun party, relaxing in the evening after work or a sociable get-together with friends: these are times when a chilled beer tastes particularly good. Some swear by their favourite brands, others like to give new things a try now and then. Prix Garantie beers are sure to leave even connoisseurs spoilt for choice.
Although the basic ingredients of beer are pretty much the same, one beer often tastes markedly different from another. At Coop you will find good beers with the Prix Garantie label. They are produced in Germany or the Netherlands and combine high brewing standards with low prices. This makes Prix Garantie beers a delicious yet inexpensive alternative to established brands. Discover our selection!
Prix Garantie beers can be easily ordered online and delivered to your front door. Which means no more lugging heavy crates around.

Light beer for less from Prix Garantie

Light beers and lagers are popular classics and always top sellers. With their mild taste, light beers pair particularly well with many dishes containing meat or bread. They also go extremely well with spicy crisps and snacks. Prix Garantie lager has an understated, malty tartness. It goes equally well with hearty grilled dishes or slap-up evening meals.

Non-alcoholic beer: enjoy guilt-free with Prix Garantie

Want to enjoy the full flavour of hops and malt, but without the heaviness of alcohol? With delicious non-alcoholic beer by Prix Garantie, you can! The full-bodied, tart note is more than a match for its alcoholic counterparts.
Unsurprisingly, more and more breweries are adding at least one non-alcoholic version to their range. Non-alcoholic Prix Garantie beer is a marvellous alternative for those wanting a healthier drink. It tastes wonderfully refreshing, and goes with almost any combination of dishes.

Prix Garantie beers – in a 500 ml can for good reason

Inexpensive Prix Garantie beers come in a practical 500 ml can. This preserves the original flavour, protects the beer fully against light and ensures that it keeps for longer. Canned beer retains its fresh and zingy flavour for a very long time, instead of quickly going stale.

Buy Prix Garantie beers in a handy multipack

Your favourite Prix Garantie beer also comes in a handy multipack. Simply choose your favourite variety and buy it in a multipack of 24 cans on a sturdy cardboard base. The cans should be stored somewhere as dark as possible, away from any sources of heat. Every Coop Prix Garantie beer is at its most refreshing served chilled, straight out of the fridge.