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Buy inexpensive meat and fish: with Prix Garantie

Whether as a quick snack, for a lavish celebratory meal with the whole family, or a sociable barbecue with friends: good food is all about fun times and great flavours. Buy meat and fish for less in Switzerland, with Prix Garantie.
It couldn't be more convenient: buy inexpensive meat and fish for any occasion, without leaving the house. All the products are delivered to your front door, freshly packed and properly chilled. What's more, there's a huge range of Prix Garantie meat, sausage and fish to choose from. From cevapcici, ham shoulder roll and beefburgers to freshly caught salmon, you can buy inexpensive meat and fish and get it delivered anywhere in Switzerland.
Simply search for the cuts that you need for your dishes. Once you’ve found everything you want, just go ahead and order your meat or fish for less. No more standing in front of sold-out counters or waiting in long queues. With Prix Garantie from Coop, you can even buy inexpensive meat for the barbecue.

Securely order meat and fish for less – with a freshness guarantee

Prix Garantie is not just about choice, but quality too. Meat, sausage and fish are produced to high standards and are superbly fresh – you have our freshness guarantee. The airtight packaging ensures that your shopping reaches you in perfect condition, so you can buy meat and fish for less and get it delivered anywhere in Switzerland with complete peace of mind.

Buy inexpensive meat and sausage online

Meat and sausage are versatile delicacies which many of us have for dinner every day. While for others, meat is a treat for special occasions. What matters more than anything is the quality of the products, particularly when burgers, sausage, chops, kebabs and stew are the main ingredients.
Online, you can buy classic cuts of meat and discover lots of specialities to switch things up a little.
Along with premium cuts of chicken, beef, pork or lamb, numerous sausage and ham specialities are also available, as well as strips of meat, meatloaf, meatballs, or mouthwatering cold cuts to go with bread.
Just add the perfect vegetables and a good wine, and your menu is complete. You will receive all the ingredients in a single delivery, so you can get straight on with cooking and serving up your favourite dish.

Buy inexpensive fish for fresh and tasty meals

When you buy your fish online, freshness is key. That’s why the cold chain is maintained throughout packaging, transport and delivery.
Additional instructions on storage and preparation ensure that you know exactly how long salmon, trout and prawns are safe to eat.
What's more, seafood and fish are good for your health and wellbeing and go with numerous dishes. They are often high in protein, iodine and vitamin D as well as various types of Omega-3 fatty acids. So regularly eating fresh fish can be an important part of a balanced, varied diet.

Buy inexpensive meat or meat alternatives – the choice is yours

Vegan and vegetarian substitute products are becoming more and more popular. The idea behind them is to achieve the flavour and texture of meat or fish with the use of plant-based alternatives.
From vegetarian schnitzel to crispy vegetable nuggets or vegan mince, you’ll find everything you want. The products are made from ingredients such as soya, peas or wheat. Prix Garantie makes it easy to buy inexpensive alternatives to fish and meat in Switzerland.