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Prix Garantie Toilet Paper


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Buy toilet paper for less: Prix Garantie toilet paper in various options

The right personal hygiene makes a huge difference to wellbeing. Cleansing and caring for sensitive parts of the body becomes a pleasure with Prix Garantie toilet paper. Whether conventional dry toilet paper in individual rolls or wet toilet wipes with refreshing added hygiene: if you're looking for inexpensive toilet paper, the own-label brand Prix Garantie by Coop has the ultimate selection. As well as a host of everyday essentials and foods, you can also buy inexpensive toilet paper online here – or in person from your local branch.
Whether a single-person household, student accommodation or family home: Prix Garantie by Coop offers a wide range of high-quality beauty, cosmetic and hygiene products for all needs. If you’re looking for inexpensive toilet paper, just a few clicks will take you to the world of Prix Garantie. The low-price products are identified by the distinctive pink logo.

Inexpensive toilet paper: kind to skin and your budget

The skin is the biggest organ of the human body. It protects itself with a natural barrier. However, rough-textured hygiene products and a care routine that is not properly tailored to your individual skin type can irritate and damage the skin and mucous membranes.
That's why Prix Garantie offers various types of toilet paper. There's inexpensive 3-ply Prix Garantie recycled toilet paper, for instance, which is kind to the environment. This toilet paper comes in a large pack of 20 rolls. Another inexpensive option from Prix Garantie, however, is the good old classic toilet paper, which comes in a 10-roll pack. How soft, luxurious, comfortable and absorbent you want your toilet paper to be depends above all on your own idea of comfort.

Prix Garantie toilet paper and more

Dry toilet paper

Although dry toilet paper with no added conditioners or fragrance is a standard hygiene essential, there are also a few options with special extras. Whether you're looking for embossed patterns, a pleasant fresh scent or moisturizing balsam – you're sure to find your perfect hygiene product here.
Recycled paper, which takes much less energy and water to manufacture, is particularly environmentally friendly and sustainable. Perfect not only for saving the pennies, but also a super-simple way to be more sustainable, every day.

Wet toilet wipes

What customers really love about wet toilet wipes is their pleasantly gentle yet extremely thorough cleansing action. With just the right amount of moisture, wet toilet wipes are often enriched with moisturizing aloe vera or chamomile. The wipes are usually removed individually from a handy dispensing box or a resealable refill pack.
Anyone who travels a lot or is often away from home will appreciate the advantages of taking a packet of wet toilet wipes with them. As well as being an essential hygiene item for music festivals and camping holidays, they also make a great, quick alternative to wet baby or cosmetic wipes.
Besides various types of toilet paper, the Prix Garantie product range also includes plenty of other feminine hygiene products, such as tampons, sanitary pads and liners.

Prix Garantie toilet paper – high quality and good value

Dry and moist Prix Garantie toilet paper gently and reliably cleanses and cares for the sensitive intimate area. At Coop, you can buy classic inexpensive toilet paper in large packs as well as wet toilet wipes in good-value twin packs of 70 wipes each.
Looking to stock up on essential personal care and cosmetic products? Coop Prix Garantie's extensive range has all your everyday needs covered – at low prices that are kind to your monthly budget.