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Traditional Swiss diversity

Our Coop supermarkets sell exclusive traditional Swiss products from ProSpecieRara, a foundation set up to protect the diversity of native livestock and crop plants. For greater diversity on your plate and in nature.

Our product range

Added value: for traditional diversity

Traditional Swiss diversity is preserved thanks to our joint commitment with ProSpecieRara, and you have the opportunity to enjoy these specialities as a customer. Sample the ancient varieties in all of their unique colours, shapes and flavours. The availability of these products in your Coop supermarket is, however, dependent on the season and market conditions.

Partnership: Coop and ProSpecieRara

We have been working together with ProSpecieRara since 1999 to trace and promote forgotten and endangered native livestock and plant varieties. We actively support ProSpecieRara so that Switzerland’s cultural heritage can be preserved and passed on, and these products make it to the shelves. By cultivating ancient crop plants, the rare species can be safeguarded for the long term – because only what is popular on the market will be grown in the fields of organic farmers.