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From the birthplace of coffee culture – authentic Italian coffee and espresso

Although the coffee-growing regions are a long way away, Italy is considered the birthplace of traditional European coffee culture. Connoisseurs of this aromatic hot beverage rightly swear by Italian coffee.
However, in Bella Italia, there isn't just one way of drinking coffee – and the classic filter coffee found in other countries is usually only served in tourist spots. In addition to Italian pasta, Italy also celebrates many different varieties of coffee. In the mornings with (frothy) milk as a cappuccino, caffè latte or latte macchiato, and from lunchtime onwards primarily as an espresso, which many locals drink while standing at the counter.
If Italian espresso is too strong for you, you can also order other varieties of Italian coffee. You could go for a caffè lungo, for example, where the barista runs twice the amount of water through the percolator than for a regular espresso. Or a caffè americano – a double espresso with hot water.
If you prefer your coffee sweeter or with alcohol, you could order an affogato al caffè (vanilla ice cream with espresso) or a caffè corretto, which usually comes with a glug of grappa. As you can see, there is no one true Italian coffee – instead, the Italians celebrate variety. To savour the authentic taste of Italian coffee, however, you don't need to go on holiday. Thanks to Sapori d'Italia you can enjoy this delicious hot beverage from the comfort of your own home.

Why connoisseurs buy Italian coffee and espresso

Did you know that Caffè Florian, which opened on St Mark's Square in Venice in December 1720, is the oldest coffee house in Europe? And it's still going to this day. From there, Italian coffee and its traditions spread across the entire peninsula and then throughout the whole of Europe. At first, this aromatic beverage was reserved purely for the wealthy and aristocrats, and it was quite some time before it made its way into the hands of the less well-to-do.
But what is so special about Italian coffee and espresso? Apart from the passion with which Italians make and consume their caffè – just think of the smooth crema – the secret lies primarily in the roasting. And this varies from region to region. Generally speaking, the further south you go, the stronger the coffee tastes.
The long roasting process gives Italian coffee a somewhat bitter note, but it contains comparatively little acid and also less caffeine than filter coffee. So, if you're looking for a delicious and digestible variety, you should order Italian coffee.
There are a number of speciality coffees from Sapori d'Italia available in our online supermarket. If you would like to buy original Italian espresso, you can choose from whole beans, pods or capsules. While the Espresso variety contains 65% Arabica and 35% Robusta beans, the Ristretto – a short, very strong espresso – has a 60/40 ratio. The Crema variety, on the other hand, comprises 100% Arabica beans.

Fancy a sweet Italian treat to go with your coffee?

While the Italians enjoy a cornetto (sweet pastry horn) with their cappuccino in a morning, there's nothing to stop you choosing a different sweet treat to accompany your espresso or coffee.
In addition to coffee, you will also find Italian sweet treats and snacks in our online shop. How about Tuscan almond cookies known as ricciarelli, melt-in-the-mouth amaretti or chocolatey cantucci, for instance? An espresso also makes a great digestif alongside or after a traditional Italian dessert such as a creamy tiramisu – in which it also features as an ingredient – or a silky-smooth panna cotta.
All these tasty treats are also part of the Sapori d'Italia range. So, the next time you order Italian espresso or coffee, don't forget to consider a sweet accompaniment.

Buy Italian coffee beans – Fairtrade with Sapori d'Italia

The coffee products from Sapori d'Italia not only meet the highest quality standards but they also all come with the Max Havelaar Fairtrade label. This means that the coffee beans used are all grown by Fairtrade producers and are certified and traded in accordance with Fairtrade standards.
We have been working together with the Max Havelaar Foundation since 1992. The quality label guarantees local producers more self-determination and co-determination, better working conditions and stable minimum prices. It also ensures long-term trade relations and more sustainable and environmentally friendly growing. So, when you buy authentic Italian coffee or espresso from Sapori d'Italia, you can be sure that the beans have been fairly traded.