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Buy original Italian pasta online and enjoy la dolce vita

While Italians associate pasta with tradition, culture and identity, others simply think of pasta as tasty, nutritious and easy to prepare. This is why pasta is on everyone's lips here, too. Italian pasta can be dished up in no time at all and appeals not only to children but to all ages. The funny thing is, pasta doesn't even originate from Italy! It was supposedly on the menu for the Chinese, Indians and Arabs a long time ago already. It is believed to have eventually made its way over to Italy by sea.
But even if pasta is not an Italian invention, there's no denying that the Italians have perfected it. Over the centuries, the nation has created around 600 different varieties of pasta. Whether ridged, spiralled or smooth, long or short, thick or thin, round or angular, the variety of Italian pasta is huge and caters to every taste.
But this isn't all we have to thank the Italians for. There's the purity law, according to which dry pasta may only comprise durum wheat semolina and water, as well as the shortening of the cooking time so that we can enjoy pasta al dente.
You may not be able to buy all 600 varieties of Italian pasta from us, but we do stock a wide range of choice pastas that will make a wonderful main component or accompaniment to lots of dishes. And thanks to the Sapori d'Italia brand, you can buy original Italian pasta online at – a truly authentic culinary treat for all pasta lovers.

Order authentic Italian pasta – the Sapori d'Italia brand

Italy has not only been a sought-after holiday destination for many decades, but it's also a country that wraps almost everyone around its little finger with its tasty Mediterranean cuisine. From Italian appetizers – known as antipasti – to pizza, pasta and delicious Italian desserts, the country's cuisine is among the most popular in the world. Proof of this can be seen not only in the many Italian restaurants around the world, but also the supermarket shopping baskets that are regularly filled with Italian delicacies.
If you're looking to bring a taste of Italy to your table, then the Sapori d'Italia brand is just what you need. Sapori d'Italia stands for high-quality, authentic food that reflects the country's passion and zest for life to the full. You can enjoy la dolce vita from the comfort of your own home when you order original Italian pasta online, for example. We have a huge range of Italian pasta!

Buy Italian pasta – discover the variety at

When you buy Italian pasta in our online supermarket, spaghetti is just one of many options. In addition to classics such as fusilli, rigatoni and linguine, the Sapori d'Italia brand also offers lots of other speciality pastas. These include varieties with evocative names such as casarecce, conchiglioni, radiatori, fusilloni and calamarata.
Conchiglioni, for instance, have a shell-like shape and are able to hold a lot of sauce or pesto, much like the ridged radiatori and corkscrew-shaped fusilloni. And the shape of calamarata pasta resembles calamari, or sliced squid rings. Thanks to all their different shapes, Italian pasta from the Sapori d'Italia brand will ensure that there is always variety on the table – and always the best quality.
If you decide not to buy Italian pasta and fancy making your own instead, you will also find Sapori d'Italia pasta flour in our range. This will mean that you always have the basis for tasty homemade pasta in your cupboard.

Order Italian sauces and pestos for pasta

Pasta without sauce is like Switzerland without mountains – simply unthinkable! Not only can you order Italian pasta online from us, but you can also order the appropriate Italian sauces. The Sapori d'Italia range includes a huge selection of different varieties. This will save you work in the kitchen without having to compromise on the authentic flavours. Why not try a pesto rosso, alla calabrese or alla genovese?
What's more, if you buy Italian pasta from us online but don't know what dish to make with it, you'll find a collection of authentic Italian recipes here to inspire you. Buon appetito!