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Energy-efficient household appliances

satrap is all about simple, affordable household appliances that support you in your everyday family life. You can depend on high-quality products and incredibly accommodating services.

Certified quality

Each satrap product undergoes various tests before it is made available for sale. As such, you can be sure that our quality standards are adhered to during production. These products have proven themselves to be an affordable alternative to dependable household appliances for many years.

Clear environmental standards

Although our functional products come without any frills, we guarantee sustainable action. We develop products that not only have a long life, but that have also often set new standards in terms of energy efficiency. And because we don’t do things by halves, the product packaging is made from sustainable materials. We take back used appliances.

Contemporary design

satrap products were already known for their ultra-modern design as far back as the 70s – and satrap has remained true to this principle. The latest models boast a clear, appealing design and come in a compact size. They are both practical and easy to handle. High-quality, shiny plastics, stainless steel and rubberized handles promise both exclusivity and safety.