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Our service: we're here for you

satrap offers a comprehensive and accommodating service – from spare parts guarantees to a dust bag finder. All details on servicing and guarantees can be found in our FAQ. User manuals for satrap appliances can be downloaded on this page.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find satrap products?
satrap products are available at Coop City, your Coop supermarket and JUMBO. You can also order satrap household appliances online.
How long is the guarantee period?
satrap products have a guarantee of two years. satrap also guarantees a ten-year repair service. During this time, spare parts are available and repairs can be carried out. Servicing and guarantees can be accessed at any Coop supermarket, Coop City or JUMBO.
How do I find the right appliance for me?
The qualified staff at the Coop sales outlets will be pleased to help you select the right satrap product for you.
Are satrap products environmentally friendly?
Sustainability is an important topic for satrap. This is why we are constantly developing our products and pay particular attention to energy efficiency. The product packaging can be recycled. Furthermore, as a satrap customer, you have the opportunity to return appliances that are defective or no longer required to any Coop supermarket, Coop City or JUMBO so that they can be recycled.
Can I have the products delivered?
If you place an order via the JUMBO or Coop City online shop, your shopping will be delivered straight to your door. What’s more, we offer a home delivery service for large appliances (e.g. wine cabinets).
Can I reserve products online?
satrap products can be reserved and later collected from any sales outlet via the JUMBO online shop. The product is purchased upon reservation.
Can I extend the guarantee?
No, this is not currently possible.
Can any appliance be repaired?
Any appliance can be brought in for repair. An expert will assess the appliance to determine whether a repair makes sense from a financial and environmental standpoint.

Repairs and spare parts

Would you like to have a defective appliance repaired or are you looking for spare parts? Here you will find all you need to know about our repair and spare parts service.

User manuals

Do you own a satrap product but can no longer find the user manual? Don’t worry! You can download all of the user manuals free of charge as a PDF here.




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