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Preserving food culture

The Slow Food products are produced in harmony with nature. Here at Coop, we support the preservation of age-old knowledge relating to traditional production processes for unique, regional specialities.

Who’s behind Slow Food

Slow Food is an international non-profit organization established in response to the rapid spread of fast food. The organization serves to prevent food culture and flavour variety from being lost. Our partnership with Slow Food began in 2007 and the products – which are painstakingly produced by hand – now have a permanent place in our supermarkets. In addition to the range of delicious Slow Food products, we are also supporting the development of Presidi throughout Switzerland.

Strict standards

The Slow Food standards are based on the Arche des Geschmacks project that was launched in 1996 in Turin. Its aim is to catalogue food around the world. Slow Food products must
  • have a unique flavour;
  • be associated with a specific geographic region;
  • be produced by small craft businesses;
  • be sustainably farmed;
  • be under threat of disappearing.
If these conditions are met, attempts will be made to cultivate them in a Presidi group.