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Ünique: Fruit and veg that stand out from the crowd

The usual standard specifications do not apply to Ünique fruit and vegetables – they grew just as nature intended and are offered with cosmetic flaws. This results in less waste in the chain and a sensible use of produce. There is a limited range of products, but they are attractively priced. The products are fresh, tasty and perfect for cooking.

What we stand for

  • An important contribution against food waste.
  • The diversity of nature is used sensibly and the entire harvest is eaten.
  • Actively supporting producers without providing incentives for the «artificial» production of crooked vegetables or fruit with cosmetic flaws.

Just as nature intended

Avoiding food waste

Almost one third of foodstuffs are lost or wasted between the field and the plate. A few simple tricks can help us to be more careful with our resources and our food. Make your own personal contribution against food waste to reduce the burden on the environment and climate.
On our partner website, FOOBY, you’ll find useful information and tips for planning your shopping, preparing your food and recycling your leftovers in a more sustainable way.