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Vegetarian delights guaranteed

For many people, vegetarianism is not just a diet, it's a way of life. For this reason, we are certifying more and more of our vegetarian products with the V-Label from Swissveg. You can currently choose from around 2 000 products.

Our products

Global standard for vegetarian food

The V-Label is the most widespread vegetarian quality label. It guarantees that all the ingredients of a specific product and any auxiliary substances used in the production process have been tested for components of animal origin. For several years already, we have been using the V-Label for our own-label brands Karma and Délicorn. This allows customers to identify vegetarian and vegan food quickly and easily at a glance.

Guaranteed monitoring

The V-Label regulations were jointly developed by an international committee of the European Vegetarian Union (EVU). Swissveg is represented on this committee and took the initiative of launching the international V-Label project. Swissveg monitors manufacturers in Switzerland and certain international markets for compliance with the label's requirements. Gelatine, natural veal rennet, lard and other animal-based ingredients are not permitted, in accordance with the provisions of the V-Label.

Tailored to personal needs

More and more consumers are reducing their consumption of products of animal origin, or giving them up altogether. In order to meet these specific needs, we categorize vegetarian and vegan products using the two corresponding labels.