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From the classic to the unconventional: burgers

Burger bun, mayonnaise, meat patty, gherkin, lettuce, ketchup: that's more or less what a typical burger looks like. Some people may add cheese or bacon. Of course this classic version is always a winner. But choosing the same every time would be boring. That's why we are offering a few suggestions here for how to make a truly unconventional burger with just a few little tricks.

Alternatives to burger buns

Simply forget about a burger bun and sandwich the meat and other ingredients between two different types of food instead. Such as two halves of an avocado, barbecued aubergine slices or portobello mushrooms. Another idea that works well: simply wrap the burger in large lettuce leaves.

Pretzel buns

Those who don't want to do away with a bun, but want to try something new, can swap the conventional version for a pretzel bun.

The filling

There's no law that says the filling inside the bun has to be minced meat. Exciting alternatives include falafel, salmon, pulled pork or goat's cheese.

Cheese please

Talking of which: we often automatically reach for cheese slices which can be fairly boring. Burgers can be given a new twist with raclette cheese, Camembert or Gorgonzola.

Sweet and fruity

Whether pineapple should really be eaten as part of a savoury dish remains open to debate. Some people love it, some people don't. But burgers can definitely be spiced up with something sweet – and not just with a slice of pineapple. Caramelized onions or wafer-thin apple slices add a certain something.

Perfect only with the right sauce

For the perfect burger

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