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Goodbye, meat: hello vegetarian barbecue bliss

Sweet pepper kebabs, juicy marinated tofu and steaming grilled cheese: when grilling these dishes, vegetarians need to watch out that the meat-eaters do not eat them all up first! Tender vegetables, deliciously marinated tofu and crunchy cheese are no longer just side dishes but the real stars of the BBQ! The range of meat-free dishes is huge. Do you want to try something new?

Vegetarian BBQ treats

Cheese please

The days when vegetarians had to settle for just vegetables are definitely over. Alongside stuffed mushrooms or sweet corn on the cob and a wide range of meat substitutes, options also include grilling cheese. The wonderful thing about it? There isn't just one kind of cheese that can be cooked on the barbecue, but a whole host of different types that are ideal. A few ideas:
Halloumi – the cheese that squeaks so beautifully when bitten into. It is ideal for barbecuing and is best placed directly on the grill rack.

No more tofu clichés: for variety at a veggie barbecue

With the right accessories, the barbecue is a real all-rounder. In a flash, the simple grill becomes a true open-air kitchen, leaving chefs in their element to conjure up pizzas, and pot and pan-based dishes. And bread twists and marshmallows always work – not just at the campfire.

Useful helpers

How to have fun barbecuing without meat: our tips

Barbecuing vegetables is not always as easy as simply putting them on the BBQ, waiting, and then eating. But with a few quick tips and some information, you'll be able to whip up delicious recipes with vegetarian ingredients on the barbecue. We've summarized the most important points for you.
Not too long on the grill
Meat alternatives are mostly precooked and should only develop a delicious crust and a slight roasted aroma while on the grill. Tofu sausages and the like therefore need just a short time on the barbecue – and are best placed at the edge. And because tofu, etc. usually has a lower fat content than meat, it is advisable to brush some oil on the barbecue beforehand.
Self-marinated is semi-barbecued
Those who prefer not to eat ready-made products can also make their veggie barbecue items themselves. Simply buy plain seitan, tempeh or tofu and marinate it yourself. To ensure that the latter soaks up the marinade well and the tofu has a firmer consistency that enables it to be better turned on the barbecue, it is best to press it in a clean kitchen towel for several hours before marinating it.
Say cheese!
Halloumi is a real star among the vegetarian items on the grill. As the popular cheese has a firm consistency and does not melt, it is ideal for the barbecue. Halloumi is particularly tasty if you cut it into slices about two centimetres thick, marinate them and then roast them on the grill for around four minutes on each side.
Vegetables for impatient grillers
Firm vegetables such as corncobs, carrots and kohlrabi, for example, should preferably be precooked. Softer vegetables do not require precooking, but impatient grillers can blanch them briefly so that they need less time on the barbecue.
Get rid of the foil
Many grillers instinctively wrap vegetables in aluminium foil even though this is completely unnecessary in most cases and even a pity, as vegetables only benefit from the delicious roasted flavour that only a barbecue can produce when placed directly on it. It is best to brush the grill lightly with oil so that the vegetables do not stick.
To avoid a bitter taste
To make aubergines and courgettes a success, sprinkle some salt on them before barbecuing, leave them to stand for a while and dab them with a paper towel. This takes away the slightly bitter taste, while at the same time ensuring that the vegetables soak up the marinade better. On the subject of bitter flavours: vegetables should not be left on the barbecue either. Otherwise, they become wrinkled and release bitter compounds.

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