Coop: active internationally

About us

In Switzerland, everyone is familiar with Coop. However, Coop is far more than just the well-known supermarket around the corner. The Coop Group has various sales formats plus wholesale and manufacturing companies.

Key figures

Employing more than 95 000 people, the Coop Group generated total sales of CHF 31.9 billion in 2021.

Board of Directors and Executive Committee

The Coop Group is a cooperative. It is managed by a Board of Directors which has ten members. The Coop Group's operational management is undertaken by a seven-strong Executive Committee.

Joos Sutter (pictured left) is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Philipp Wyss (pictured right) is the Chairman of the Executive Committee.

Business areas

The Coop Group can be broken down into two main areas of business: Retail and Wholesale / Production. In the retail sector, Coop operates exclusively in Switzerland. In the Wholesale/Production business area, the Group is active throughout Europe. The individual business areas work closely together, leveraging synergies. This prompts a lively exchange of experiences and strengthens the Coop Group.


With 2 333 sales outlets throughout Switzerland, Coop is close to its customers. Supermarkets, specialist formats and online shops cater to every customer requirement. 

Wholesale / Production

Through its Wholesale / Production Business Area, the Coop Group is also active abroad. The Transgourmet Group operates cash & carry stores and supplies industrial customers in Europe. The Bell Food Group gives Coop a strong international presence in production.

From 1864 to the present day

Our history

More than 150 years of the Coop Group. Delve into an eventful history.