Our success pyramid

Our Group vision, a shared corporate profile and company-specific mission statements shape our day-to-day work and Coop’s corporate culture.

Our vision

Our more than 95 000 employees all share the same group vision: Together to the top.

Our corporate profile

The corporate profile is also the same for all sales formats and companies in the Coop Group. It shows how we perceive our work and conduct ourselves: close, diverse, distinctive, innovative and partnership-oriented.


Together, we reach out to one another.

  • We are present where people like to be.
  • We know our customers and we speak their language.
  • We take our customers' concerns seriously.
  • We operate the densest network of sales outlets.
  • We offer services round the clock.
  • We support useful projects in the public interest.
  • We are ourselves enthusiastic customers of our companies.

Together, Coop employees achieve excellent products and services.


Together, we achieve excellent products and services.

  • We offer the best selection of ranges and services.
  • We act internationally, nationally, regionally and locally.
  • We offer a wide array of products in a range of different sales formats.
  • We create exciting shopping and consumer experiences for our customers.
  • We are leaders in consumer information.
  • We build on the individual strengths of our employees.
  • We offer our employees a wide range of occupational and professional development opportunities.

Coop employees create added value together.


Together, we create added value.

  • We stand out for the freshness and quality of our offering.
  • We are unmistakably committed to sustainability in all its dimensions: economic, environmental and social.
  • We offer a unique mix of own brands and branded articles.
  • We guarantee the best value for money.
  • We set the standards for service and customer guarantees.
  • We impress through the friendliness and professional expertise of our staff.
  • We communicate forcefully and effectively.

Coop employees shape the future together.


Together, we shape our future.

  • We are impetus drivers and multipliers of new, sustainable offerings.
  • We develop fast and effective processes by combining expertise and decision-making powers.
  • We foster the courage to be creative and the determination to bring about change.
  • We measure ourselves against the best and we pay attention to detail.
  • We use new technologies to find intelligent solutions.
  • We are a learning organization.

Coop inspires trust and supports various charities, including Schweizer Tafel.


Together, we inspire trust.

  • We agree objectives and measures.
  • We act both internally and externally in accordance with defined customer and supplier principles.
  • We develop solutions in a constructive dialogue.
  • We implement decisions systematically.
  • We lead by example.
  • We set benchmarks in training and information.
  • We act responsibly and socially.
  • We reward success.

Our missions

  • A wide diversity of products delivered fresh to Coop supermarkets every day
    Coop Supermarket
    Family-friendliness, enthusiasm, attractive prices, sustainability, freshness
  • Be inspired by the fashion trends at Coop City.
    Coop City
    Inspiration, pricing power, professional expertise, sustainability
  • Top quality always, including at Christ, the watches and jewellery specialist.
    Christ Watches & Jewellery
    Variety, expertise, agility, passion, customer focus
  • Lumimart offers attractive, contemporary solutions for lighting your home.
    Customer focus, friendliness, lighting expertise
  • Livique
    Furnishings expertise, customer focus, friendliness, inspiration
  • Experts and professional advisors: Fust's employees
    Dipl. Ing. Fust AG
    Expertise, service, customer enthusiasm
  • Microspot.ch
    Price leadership, reliability, speed
  • Order online and get your items delivered to your home or a store: home electronics at Interdiscount
    Aggressiveness, innovation, proximity to customers, convenience
  • At Coop Building & Hobby you will find inspiring ideas and expert advice on all your home projects.
    Coop Building & Hobby
    Sustainability, professional expertise, convenience, attractive prices, inspiration
  • The Body Shop is where you will find skincare and bodycare products that are good for nature too.
    The Body Shop Switzerland
    Protecting the planet, nature, fair play, community, reducing plastic
  • Betty Bossi
    Simplicity, cleverness, enrichment

The mission statements are set out for each company and each format individually and reflect its positioning in the sector and strategic focus.

Our objectives

To ensure that long-term strategies give rise to effective measures each year, the Coop Group has, since 2001, had a uniform, top-down goal-setting process in place. Every year, it defines key objectives that apply to the Group as a whole. The ensuing goal-setting process begins with the Executive Committee and then progresses, level by level, through the Group. The process ultimately results in specific measures being developed, also at operational levels.