Coop: active internationally

Board of Directors and Executive Committee

The Coop Group is a cooperative. It is managed by a Board of Directors which has ten members. The Coop Group's operational management is undertaken by a seven-strong Executive Committee.

Coop Group Board of Directors

The Board of Directors represents the Coop Group externally and attends to all business that is not entrusted to another governing body of the Coop Group by law, the Articles of Association or the Regulations. It is comprised of ten members.

Joos Sutter, Chairman

Doris Leuthard, Vice-Chairwoman          

Markus Beer

Michela Ferrari-Testa

Michael Fuhrer

Susanne Giger

Petra Jörg

Grégoire Ribordy

Bernard Rüeger

Karim Twerenbold

Coop Group Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the operational management of the Coop Group. It comprises seven members.

Philipp Wyss, Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Stucker, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee

Andrea Kramer

Christian Coppey

Daniel Hintermann

Adrian Werren


Philipp Wyss
Chief Executive Officer
Head of Retail Business Unit

Daniel Stucker
Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee
Head of Trading Business Unit

Andrea Kramer
Head of Marketing/Purchasing Business Unit

Philipp Wyss i.P. / a.i (until 31.12.2022)
Head of IT / Production / Services Business Unit

Christian Coppey
Head of Property Business Unit

Daniel Hintermann
Head of Logistics Business Unit

Adrian Werren
Head of Finance Business Unit

Wholesale / Production

Transgourmet Group

Philipp Dautzenberg
Chief Executive Officer Transgourmet Switzerland

Eric Decroix
Chief Executive Officer Transgourmet France

John Matthew, Frank Seipelt
Chief Executive Officer Transgourmet Central and Eastern Europe

Manfred Hayböck, Thomas Panholzer
Chief Executive Officer Transgourmet Austria

Lluís Labairu
Chief Executive Officer Transgourmet España

Bell Food Group

Lorenz Wyss
Chairman of the Group Executive Board, CEO

Xavier Buro
Member of the Group Executive Board, CFO

Marco Tschanz
Member of the Group Executive Board

The remaining manufacturing companies operate as retail divisions.