Coop is a company structured along cooperative lines.

We are a cooperative

The Coop Group puts the cooperative members – that is, the customers – front and centre. It gears all its efforts to their needs. As a cooperative, the Coop Group does not strive to maximize profits – and can thus plan for the long term.


At an organizational level, the Coop Group Cooperative is divided into six regions and has more than 2.5 million cooperative members.

The cooperative members elect the Regional Councils on a regular basis and thus are able to indirectly influence the Articles of Association. The members of the Delegate Assembly are elected from the members of the Regional Councils. These in turn elect the members of the Board of Directors and approve the annual financial statements and the annual report. The Board of Directors appoints the Executive Committee, which runs the Coop Group's operations.

The Coop Group’s Articles of Association set out the duties and powers of the executive bodies. The election of the Regional Councils is governed by the organizational regulations.