Manufacturing companies

The manufacturing companies make Coop’s own-label brand products and items for third parties in Switzerland and abroad. Through these manufacturing companies, the Coop Group intends to create a more distinctive profile in the international market.

Bell Food Group

The Bell Food Group is one of the leading meat and convenience processors in Europe and the market leader in Switzerland. Its Bell, Eisberg, Hilcona and Hügli brands meet a wide range of customer requirements. The company supplies the retail and wholesale trades, caterers / restaurants and the food industry with around 538 000 tonnes of goods a year. The Bell Food Group has manufacturing companies in 15 countries. The company is listed on SIX Swiss Exchange.

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Other Coop manufacturing companies

In Switzerland, in addition to the Bell Food Group, Coop also operates other manufacturing companies in the grain processing, breads and baked goods, chocolate, rice specialities, vinegar products, mineral water, raw materials processing, wine bottling, cosmetics and cleaning agents segments.


HALBA produces 20 000 tonnes of Swiss chocolate, 7 000 tonnes of innovative snacks and 20 000 tonnes of high-quality baking and cooking ingredients for trade and industry every year. HALBA is committed to sustainability and is involved in innovative sustainability projects in the countries of origin.

Products: Chocolate, snacks such as nuts and dried fruit, baking and cooking ingredients


Swissmill is Switzerland’s largest grain mill and one of the most modern enterprises in the sector across Europe. It processes over 200 000 tonnes of grain a year and manufactures more than 100 products.

Products: Flours, flour mixtures, durum wheat semolina, polenta, oat flakes, extruder products

Steinfels Swiss

Steinfels Swiss develops, manufactures and markets over 18 000 tonnes of highquality cleaning and bodycare products for private households, industry and bulk consumers each year. Steinfels Swiss is the Swiss market leader with its range of sustainable products.

Products: Natural cosmetics, cosmetics, detergents and cleaning products, hygiene products, system solutions for professional cleaning 

Coop Bakeries

In total, the five large bakeries produce around 62 960 tonnes of baked goods and pastry per year. In-house bakeries at 56 Coop supermarkets across Switzerland produce a further 6 740 tonnes of fresh breads and pastries. 

Products: Fresh bread products (loaves, rolls, braided bread), frozen bread products, cakes and biscuits, tarts and pastries, seasonal and special pastries as well as commercial doughs

Reismühle Nutrex

Organic, fair-trade, kosher – the Nutrex rice mill refines over 65 varieties of rice andproduces over 55 varieties of vinegar, producing and selling over 13 000 tonnes of ricefrom around the world and 10 million litres of vinegar. It is the European market leaderin fair-trade rice and the Swiss market leader in vinegar.

Products: Rice varieties from all over the world, rice blends, Vinegar and vinegar specialities 

Pearlwater Mineralquellen

Pearlwater bottles around 100 million litres of mineral water and soft drinks a year, including the Coop own-label brands “Swiss Alpina”, “Aquina” and “Prix Garantie”. The water comes from four premium-quality Alpine springs in Valais with different mineralizations.

Products: Still and sparkling mineral water, soft drinks containing sugar as well as flavoured organic lemonades, sold in PET bottles


The Coop winery vinifies must from sevencantons in Switzerland. Wines from allover the world are managed, refined,bottled and packaged. Flavoured winebasedbeverages round off the productrange. With an annual filling capacity ofaround 40 million bottles/units, Cave isthe largest winery in Switzerland.

Products: White wines, rosé wines, red wines, dessert wines, sparkling wines, flavoured wine-based drinks

Among other things, the banana ripening plant ripens around 24,000 tonnes of bananas and over 3,000 tonnes of pineapples a year.

Banana ripening plant

The banana ripening plant produces 28 000 tonnes of bananas each year, and packages them along with around 3 000 tonnes of pineapple and 1 400 tonnes of kiwi and dried fruits and nuts. The plant is one of the most technically and environmentally advanced in Europe.

Products: Bananas, exotic fruit such as pineapple and kiwi, dried fruit and nuts