The Coop Group is active in international wholesaling through its subsidiary Transgourmet Holding AG. Transgourmet Group is Europe’s second-largest player in the cash & carry and wholesale supplies business.

Catering-sector and industrial customers

The Transgourmet Group is Europe’s second-largest cash & carry and wholesale supplies business. It serves customers in the catering and commercial industries and operates in Germany, Poland, Romania, France, Spain, Austria and Switzerland. Transgourmet Holding AG has its registered office in Basel.

Transgourmet Group

The Transgourmet Group is Europe’s second-largest cash & carry and wholesale supplies business. It is organized into four national companies. These include companies in cash & carry and wholesale supplies and others specializing in particular product groups or services.

Transgourmet Germany

The umbrella brand Transgourmet Germany comprises the specialists Transgourmet for wholesale supplies and Selgros Cash & Carry for cash & carry wholesale.

Transgourmet Poland

Together with Selgros Cash & Carry, Transgourmet Poland is one of the country’s largest cash & carry specialists.

Selgros Romania 

Selgros Romania is one of the leading Romanian retail companies. Catering customers are supplied from Bucharest.

Transgourmet France

In the French wholesale supplies market, Transgourmetranks second.

Transgourmet Iberia 

In the Spanish market, Transgourmet is the leading company in food wholesaling through its cash & carry and retail business.

Transgourmet Austria

Transgourmet Austria 

In Austria, Transgourmet operates cash & carry stores combined with a delivery service, making it the leading catering wholesaler.

Transgourmet Switzerland

Transgourmet Schweiz

In Switzerland, Transgourmet is the market leader in the cash & carry and wholesale supplies sector.

Transgourmet Group customers

The Transgourmet Group’s customers include caterers and restaurateurs.

Unlike in retail, wholesale operations serve business customers (B2B) in various segments rather than end consumers. The Transgourmet Group’s customers include:

  • caterers / restaurateurs
  • hotels
  • works canteens
  • social service providers such as retirement and care homes
  • bakeries and patisseries
  • retailers
  • tradespersons

... and many more.