In 2020, Coop generated a stable profit of CHF 539 million on sales of CHF 30.2 billion. The Coop supermarkets in particular contributed to this result, achieving sales growth of 14.3% and gaining market share. Total retail sales increased by CHF 1.1 billion to CHF 19.1 billion.

Wholesale / Production suffered from the lockdown and posted sales of CHF 12.6 billion.

Online sales at increased by 45.5% to CHF 232 million.

Sales of organic products rose to over CHF 2.0 billion. Sustainability sales grew by CHF 738 million to CHF 5.4 billion, meaning that Coop remains the clear market leader.

In 2020, Coop generated total sales of CHF 30.2 billion. Profit remained stable at CHF 539 million (+ CHF 8 million). Despite a challenging environment, Coop thus posted a steady profit figure. Equity amounted to 51.2% of total assets. Coop thus continues to enjoy a very solid financial foundation and has the best prerequisites for continued positive development. The number of supermarket employees increased by 1 333. By the end of 2020, Coop had 90 825 employees.

In 2020, sustainability sales grew by CHF 738 million to CHF 5.4 billion, with Coop therefore retaining its undisputed number one position in the field of sustainability in Switzerland. Sales of organic products again grew strongly at CHF 210 million, totalling over CHF 2.0 billion.

The online supermarket is also growing. It recorded growth of 45.5%, capturing further market shares. Total online sales amount to CHF 2.6 billion. Home electronics made a substantial contribution to this, with growth of 33.0% to CHF 800 million.

Net sales of Coop supermarkets amounted to CHF 12.0 billion, up on the year-back figure by 14.3% with an increase of CHF 1.5 billion. Coop thus generated strong growth and won market shares. Net retail sales amounted to CHF 19.1 billion, an increase of 6.3%.

The specialist formats were largely able to compensate for the loss in sales resulting from the lockdown and generated net sales of CHF 7.2 billion. Excluding fuel sales, they achieved an index of 99.3% compared with the previous year. Consumer electronics lifted sales by CHF 41 million and reached CHF 2.1 billion. Coop’s leading position was consolidated with this growth. Encouraging results were achieved by Betty Bossi with sales growth of 13.6% and Coop Building+Hobby and Livique / Lumimart, each posting growth of 10.1%. The three specialist formats also won market shares.

Wholesale / Production
Net sales for the Wholesale / Production Business Area amount to CHF 12.6 billion, corresponding to a currency-adjusted index of 92.1%.

Net sales of the manufacturing companies grew by CHF 44.0 million and totalled CHF 4.9 billion.

The Transgourmet Group generated net sales of CHF 8.1 billion, achieving an index of 86.7% in local currency. This sales figure was achieved despite far-reaching, pandemic-related restrictions in the catering business.