Corporate strategy

Coop supermarkets post strong sales growth and gain market share

In 2020, the Coop supermarkets generated growth of 14.4%. Overall, the Coop Group posted sales of CHF 30.2 billion, which is just below the prior-year figure (-0.2%) after adjusting for exchange rates. The retail business thus largely compensates for the challenging conditions in Coop's own restaurants and in the Wholesale/Production business area. In the field of sustainability, Coop posted record sales, exceeding the 5-billion mark for the first time. Coop.ch staged a strong advance of 42.6%.

Net sales in the retail business were up 6.2% to CHF 19.1 billion. The Coop supermarkets generated net sales of CHF 12.0 billion, exceeding the prior-year result by 14.4%. The specialist formats were largely able to compensate for the lockdown and generated net sales of CHF 7.1 billion. Excluding fuel sales, they achieved an index of 98.8% compared with the previous year. A striking increase in sales was recorded by Coop Building & Hobby, Livique / Lumimart, Interdiscount, Betty Bossi and Coop Vitality.

Net sales in the Wholesale/Production business area amounted to CHF 12.6 billion. This corresponds to an index of 92.0% after adjusting for exchange rates. This sales figure was achieved despite far-reaching, pandemic-related restrictions in the restaurant business.

Online business - Retail
Online sales in retail increased by 35.2% to CHF 1.2 billion. The online supermarket Coop.ch grew by 42.6%. The online shops in the consumer electronics segment including Microspot, Nettoshop, Fust and Interdiscount advanced by 33.0%.

Sustainability sales grew by a total of around CHF 500 million to CHF 5.2 billion, with Coop therefore retaining its undisputed number one position in the field of sustainability.

The annual results press conference will take place on 16 February 2021.