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Hair Care – Glossy hair: Let it Shine

Reflecting soft light

Natural waves are this year's top look. You can go for a casual, windswept style or neat, glossy waves fit for the office. As waves tend to absorb some of the shine, proper care is particularly important. Use shampoos with oils that ensure the appropriate structural balance and sheen particles to reflect the light in your hair. Your hair colour plays a role, too. The darker the hair, the more it reflects the light. Blond women - whether natural or not - are of course the queens of the beach look, but they need some help when it comes to gloss. What’s more, dyed blond hair tends to lose its colour more quickly, for example due to chlorine. If that’s the case, then special shampoos can help.

Making our hair shine

Of course, it is best to protect your hair against sun, sea and wind, and it needs special care once the time for woolly hats is past. Light, non-greasy hair oils or treatments with argan oil have the advantage of being suitable for all hair types. These oils can also help the frizzy-haired (plagued by damp sea breezes) show off summery waves that look deliberately windswept and yet reflect a well-groomed shine. Help is also at hand for those who prefer a sleek summer look. Smooth, very neat styles are just as popular this year as soft waves. Here again, gloss plays the leading role. Rebellious little wisps that spoil the look can be brought under control with nourishing oils. As cool on the catwalk as by the sea or on a bike ride: hair accessories. They tame the hair and catch the eye as well as coming to the rescue on bad-hair days.

On-trend looks for summer

These are our summer unmissables for your hair: pins and clips embellish plaits and tame strands of hair. So they make our lives a little easier but also create elegant looks. Our styling favourite is the loosely tied low plait combined with several clips. A really simple upgrade for the classic ponytail. Practical and glamorous.

See below for other on-trend looks for summer

Natural Waves
If your hair is naturally wavy, simply air-dry it and apply hair oil for an elegant look. Tip for straight hair: braid damp hair overnight and then pull waves into shape by hand in the morning.
A more severe, sleek look
Our glossy trend for evening. The sleek look should be very neat, for instance with a precise middle parting. It is important to straighten your hair in strips with a hair iron. Use oil to tame stray hairs. Glossy spray adds shine.