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Make-up: Mascara Guide – WOW eyelashes

Everything we need for excitement in the blink of an eye: the mascara guide that puts more wow in our gaze. Take your brushes, get set, go. Get ready for the ultimate eyelash check!
Some people simply can’t do without it - and often spend years looking for the ideal one! Lengthening, thickening, caring, adding sheen and bounce, simply not clogging, crumbling or running - our requirements when it comes to the perfect mascara are demanding and often very individual! The manufacturers have responded to our wishes and for many years have been trying to outdo one another with ever more innovative brushes and formulas. The result: a huge variety, that first has to be reviewed. The most important thing is that we define own very personal priorities in advance and work out what properties we expect a mascara to possess. A lot of people like it when their naturally rather fine lashes gain more length and volume thanks to the mascara. Others prefer natural definition and bounce. Colour is back in fashion again, too, and for the past few years we have been attaching more importance to particularly harmless, natural ingredients.
Eyelash look: striking or natural?
As well as the formula used to make the mascara, the material and shape of the brush in particular are decisive for the eyelash look. For example, sandglass or S-shaped brushes are best for Kardashian-style volume. With their longer bristles at the end, they also reach the shorter, finer hairs at the outer lash line and the inner corner of the eye. On the other hand, brushes with a lot of short, close-set bristles or a mascara comb are suitable for finely defined eyelashes. They separate and coat the individual lashes in one stroke. Crescent-shaped brushes create neat, upward bounce and an XXL-size brush should be used for a false eyelashes effect - a brush with thick, dense bristles, all the same length.
Now comes a flourish!
Full-bodied, precise, long-lasting - we have all sorts of expert know-how for the perfect eyelash look.
More volume
As well as the correct brush, the application is decisive for the maximum-volume look: first get the lashes into shape with an eyelash curler and then it is best to apply mascara several times in succession. Wait a few minutes after each application so that the mascara does not form clumps. For a more opulent effect, make sure the skin between the lashes on the upper lid is coloured, as well. Colour the lower lash line carefully with the tip of the brush.
Longer lasting
If the mascara crumbles or runs after a few hours, there may be several reasons for this: either the mascara is too old and has lost its consistency. In that case, it needs replacing. Or the skin around the eye may be too oily. Nourishing eye creams or creamy eye shadow may cause the mascara to rub off more, so reach for lighter textures in the morning. To make sure that your lids stay matt for a nice long time, use a moist beauty sponge to dab loose powder on the eyelid. Leave it to take effect for a short time and if necessary, remove the excess with a brush. Then apply mascara as usual.
More precise application
With a new mascara, at first the brush holds a little too much colour. Please do not wipe away the excess on the edge of the mascara tube. That causes an uneven distribution of colour on the brush and an accumulation of mascara on the edge that will dry out quickly. A better way is to run it gently over a cosmetic tissue. In addition, you should wash the mascara brush under hot running water every couple of weeks, to prevent the mascara drying out and forming clumps.

Did you know ...

  • that you should replace your mascara at the latest after six months? Mascara that is out of date causes the lashes to break more easily and there is a greater risk of inflammation caused by germs.
  • that it best to apply mascara using a zigzag movement? This way, the fine hairs are caught on all sides and you prevent the lashes becoming clogged as you apply your mascara.

Brush guide: Which does what best?

Volume trend

Dense, tapering wire brushes are the classic option for more length and volume. They distribute the mascara evenly right to the tips and also reach short lashes.

Bounce trend

Curved plastic brushes reach all the lashes at once thanks to their flexible structure and create maximum upward bounce, often combined with a lengthening effect.

Definition trend

To emphasise and define individual parts of the eyelashes (such as at the outer corner of the eye), it is best to use a brush with irregular bristles.

Thickness trend

Those who have naturally long eyelashes often wish the individual hairs were closer together. This effect can be achieved by using a brush with a lot of evenly arranged bristles.

Length trend

Special-effect brushes can be used to create a doll look with clearly defined, fluttering lashes. The ‘sphere’ on the end makes it possible to reach the lashes on the lower lid, as well.