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Men Care

Personal hygiene and shaving: Smooth(er)

By the bathing season at the latest, the time has come. Because these days, not only athletes opt to shave their bodies. Everyone likes to show off the hard work done in winter. For a smooth chest, most men reach for a shaver or depilatory cream. Others trim their hair as much as possible and can’t imagine doing anything else. To be sure, the hairy chest makes a comeback from time to time, but so far, this trend has never really convinced or lasted. The second most frequent treatment is to tackle the little hairs on the belly. As well as the aesthetic aspect, hygiene plays a role, too, of course. Because smooth skin is easier to keep clean (including in the genital area). It is no longer just racing cyclists, mountain bikers or triathletes who display bare lower legs. With stylish cropped trousers or Bermuda shorts, a bushy forest is rarely a good look.

Shaving: For a really smooth result

For perfect, hair-free skin, you have to dip into the beauty case a little. Because a razor doesn’t always produce the desired result. Those who prefer to avoid unsightly pimples or are not keen on totally bare skin should choose their hair removal method carefully. Because dry shaving, for example, does not only make sense with a beard. The sole downside: wet shaving is clearly more thorough. If you have a tendency to redness afterwards, then shaving gel or foam is just what you need. These are available with substances that are kind to the skin, such as soothing aloe vera – and make the blade glide more smoothly. Wax gives the smoothest, most effective result, because using this method, the hairs are dealt with at the root. With the sugaring alternative, body hair is removed in the direction of the hair growth. Reaching for depilatory cream has also long since become a ritual for many. If you have more sensitive skin or a tendency to allergies, however, it is best to avoid the chemical variants. For some time now, a particular tool has conquered male hearts - the OneBlade. With just one blade, this rechargeable shaver produces a super smooth result or trims to the desired length. With or without foam and even in the shower - because it is waterproof, too!

Personal hygiene: After shaving

Not only your face needs care after shaving or hair removal. Cool your skin with water and dry with a clean towel. Just as beards need aftershave, so the rest of the body benefits from moisturising lotions. Because razor burn or unsightly redness can also affect the chest, belly, calves and more. Special aftershave body lotions with jojoba or panthenol soothe quickly. Your skin is attractive and smooth!

Shaving tips

Trim chest hair first

trimming hair before you actually shave quite simply prevents blades becoming clogged up.

Ask for help

For the back, especially, it is a good idea to ask for help. Because unless you are incredibly supple, it’s not easy to reach everywhere alone.