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Inspiration and ideas

After a few days, bread becomes old and hard instead of fresh and crispy. But that’s not a reason to throw it away. Leftover bread can be used to make a wealth of delicious dishes.

What can leftover bread be used for?

What you can make from leftover bread depends a little on the type of bread and how much you have on hand.
If you only have little pieces or trimmings left, you can make different types of tasty croûtons to liven up a salad or soup. Or you can use them to make egg rösti or French toast pieces.
If the leftover pieces of bread are a little bigger, you can use them to make French toast, bruschetta or oven-baked cheese toasties, for example.
Some recipes specifically require old bread. It is an essential ingredient in meatloaf and some dumpling recipes.

Recipe ideas

Below you’ll find some recipes that use old or leftover bread: