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The recipe for this cheese is a closely guarded secret, as the famous advertising slogan for Switzerland's "spiciest cheese" attests. Nevertheless, we would like to delve a little deeper into the mystery surrounding Appenzeller cheese and so we asked around.
The spicy Appenzeller cheese has a long tradition dating back more than 700 years. Demonstrating the utmost care and experience, local cheese-makers continue to produce this cheese in the village dairies of Appenzell using top-quality natural raw cow's milk. The production method is no secret – unlike the recipe for the top-secret herbal brine. The continuous application of this brine is what gives Appenzeller cheese its uniquely spicy flavour.
Origin: Switzerland (Appenzell, St. Gallen, Thurgau)


Appenzeller "Surchoix"
The ripening period of 90-120 days and the constant application of the secret herbal brine make Appenzeller Surchoix a long-standing favourite among the Swiss. The highly spiced aroma and smooth texture with regularly spaced holes measuring 3-6 mm make Appenzeller Surchoix a popular choice for any cheeseboard.
Appenzeller "Extra"
Appenzeller Extra constitutes a delicacy on any cheeseboard and can also be served for dessert. The "EXTRA" refers to the long storage and ripening period of 180 days, which gives Appenzeller Extra its mild, spicy aroma and slightly fatty, smooth paste, making it "extra"-special.

Allergies / special diets

Appenzeller cheese is a semi-hard cheese. The lactose is broken down naturally, making the cheese lactose-free and perfectly safe to eat. By avoiding grain-based products during production, Appenzeller cheese is also 100% gluten-free.

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