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Le Brebiou is a sheep's milk cheese produced in the French Pyrenees. This delicious, mild cheese is a perfect example of sheep's cheese. The name LE BREBIOU, is derived from the French words "brebis" (sheep) and "doux" (mild). The sheep's milk comes from sheep that graze in the mountainous Basque region of France. The delicious flavour of this cheese is derived from the wide range of mountain herbs.
It is produced both as a semi-hard cheese (Le Brebiou Tradition) and a soft cheese (Le Brebiou).
Le Brebiou makes a perfect addition to a cheeseboard in portions of 60 g and can also be used to enhance warm dishes and accompany salads.
Origin: France (Basque Country)


Le Brebiou "Tradition Etorki"
This full-fat, semi-hard cheese is made from pasteurized sheep's milk. As it matures, it acquires a smooth, creamy texture and characteristic sheep's milk flavour. Identifying traits of this cheese include the velvety smooth, almost runny outer paste and firm centre. It is ready for consumption after 42 - 70 days. After this time, the cheese will typically smell of sheep's milk and take on a delicate, exquisite flavour.
Le Brebiou
As this cheese is ready for consumption after just 12 - 14 days, it is softer than the Tradition Etorki. This full-fat soft cheese is also made from pasteurized sheep's milk. It has a velvety smooth texture throughout and tastes slightly tart with a subtle sheep's milk flavour.

Allergies / special diets

For cheese and cheese varieties that are not specifically labelled as lactose-free, we recommend checking the carbohydrate content. If the cheese contains 0.0 g of carbohydrates, it is lactose-free.


We recommend the following cheeses to accompany Le Brebiou:
Cheese 1: Brie de Meaux
Cheese 2: Tête de Moine
Cheese 3: Lucerne cream cheese
Cheese 4: Morbier
Wine: Rosé wines or spritzy white wines such as Riesling
Bread: Nut or onion bread
Accompaniments: Grapes, apples and walnuts