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Brie is a soft white mould cheese, which originates from the French province of Brie in the Île de France region. It has been manufactured there by farmers since the 18th century. Nowadays, the cheese is also produced all around the world, including in Switzerland. During the long ripening process, the flavour of the cheese develops from mild and slightly acidic to strong and spicy. As this cheese can quickly become overripe, we recommend not buying it in large quantities. It should not smell of ammonia.
During the production process, the curd from the coagulated cow's milk is carefully scooped out using a perforated ladle, rather than being cut. The cheese is then cast into moulds and left to ripen in a dry place. After several days, the cheese is inoculated with mould spores to form the characteristic white mould. The cheese is then aged for a further 2-3 weeks until ready for consumption.
Origin: France, Switzerland (Brie, Geneva)


Brie Henri light
This French half-fat soft cheese is manufactured in France and is ready for consumption after 8-10 days. The cheese displays a smooth, creamy texture and a thin rind. It has a mild, fresh and slightly acidic flavour, and a characteristic aroma.
Brie de Meaux
This cheese is manufactured near Paris in France and is ready for consumption after 28-82 days. Brie de Meaux has a fresh, pleasant aroma with a hint of garlic. It is an aromatic cheese that displays a fruity flavour with a touch of hazelnut. Its texture is smooth and creamy, but not runny, with holes in different sizes.
Brie Vallière
Produced in Geneva, this soft cream cheese is made from pasteurized milk and has an exceptional texture. The centre of the cheese is firm, while the outer paste is creamy and surrounded by a white mould rind. It is ready for consumption after 11-15 days. Unlike other types of Brie, Brie Vallière is a vegetarian cheese. It has a mushroom aroma and a mild flavour with a slightly acidic, salty note.
Stuffed Brie, Füürwehr
"Füürwehr" Brie is another cheese that is produced in Switzerland. It is ready for consumption after 15-46 days. Ingredients include milk and cream, as well as crushed chillies, paprika powder and chilli pepper. This combination gives the cheese a peppery, paprika aroma, while the flavour is creamy, tangy and sharp.

Allergies / special diets

Contains lactose.


This cheese is well suited to cheeseboards in portions of around 60 g and should be served with a selection of fruits and nuts. To allow the cheese to release its full flavour, eat it with a slice of white bread.
Brie can be used in hot sauces and soups as its smooth paste melts easily.
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Wine: We recommend aged red wines such as the Bordeaux Château Fonréaud Listrac-Médoc AOC Cru Bourgeois
Bread: French baguette
Accompaniments: Pomegranate, apple, pear, grapes, almonds, pistachios, various dried fruits