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Brillat-Savarin Affiné

This white, creamy and rindless fresh cheese from the west coast of France is named after the most famous gastronome of the 18th century, Jean Anthèlme Brillat-Savarin. The small, round cheese wheels are still made by hand to this day.
This mild and creamy soft cheese is made from pasteurized cow's milk and was invented by the Dubuc family in 1890. It wasn't until later that it acquired its current name in homage to the outstanding achievements of Brillat-Savarin.
Origin: France (Burgundy)

Sensory characteristics

The addition of high-quality cream during production is what makes this cheese so special, giving it its distinctive, soft, delicate and slightly moist texture and milky aroma. The very short ripening period of just 2-4 weeks ensures that Brillat-Savarin Affiné retains its unique flavour and texture. This cheese is only suitable for immediate consumption as the quality deteriorates significantly the longer it is kept.

Allergies / special diets

Owing to its short ripening period and high carbohydrate content, Brillat-Savarin Affiné is not lactose-free.


Brillat-Savarin goes well with champagne, Rosé Domaine and Viognier white wines.
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