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Emmentaler is a Swiss full-fat hard cheese produced using raw cow's milk and originates from the Emmental area in the Canton of Bern. Nowadays, Emmentaler is produced in around 200 village dairies in various cantons across Switzerland.
The cheese is known throughout the world for its 2-4 cm holes. As the cheese ripens, bacteria present in the cheese release carbon dioxide gas. The gas cannot escape and forms random, small bubbles throughout the cheese. Only raw milk from local farms is used in the production of this cheese. This means that the milk comes from cows that feed on grass and hay – not silage. Only in this way can a high-quality product with the characteristic, spicy aroma be guaranteed. The cheese has various age profiles with a ripening period ranging from 4 months to over a year. Emmentaler is ideal for serving cold on cheeseboards in portions of 40 g, for breakfast or for dessert. It can also be used as a gratin topping for a range of hot dishes.
Origin: Switzerland (Bernese Mittelland (Emmental)


Kaltbach Emmentaler AOP
Kaltbach Emmentaler is left to ripen for at least 12 months – the cheese is kept in the dairy for the first three months and then in caves for at least nine months. The long ripening period results in a spicy, nutty flavour. The aroma remains pure and mild. The cheese has a blackish brown rind and a smooth, semi-firm texture that cuts easily.
Emmentaler Surchoix AOP
This cheese is ready for consumption after 8-9 months. By this time, the rind has turned an ivory or pale yellow colour. The cheese has a wonderfully nutty flavour and a relatively mild aroma. It is easy to cut and has a smooth, semi-firm texture.
Organic Emmentaler
This cheese has a mild, pure aromaand a slightly sweet, nutty flavour. It has a smooth texture that is easy to cut and is dotted with regularly spaced, clean holes. It is produced using Swiss organic milk.

Allergies / special diets

Owing to its long ripening period, Emmentaler AOP contains very little lactose and can therefore be enjoyed by people with a lactose intolerance.

Cheese board

The aromatic, nutty flavour of Emmentaler cheese works well with a selection of the following cheeses:
Cheese 1: Appenzeller cheese
Cheese 2: Tilsiter cheese
Cheese 3: Gruyère cheese
Cheese 4: Lucerne creamcheese
Wine: We would recommend a light white wine such as Pinot Gris
Bread: Wholemeal bread or farmhouse bread
Accompaniments: Walnuts, grapes, apples