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Gorgonzola is a full-fat soft cheese made from pasteurized milk. It dates back to the 11th century and originates from the northern Italian region of Lombardy. The cheese was mainly produced in the autumn and winter when the cows were tired after their descent from the Alpine meadows. Its original name was "Stracchino di Gorgonzola" (the tired man of Gorgonzola). According to legend, the cheese was invented when a milker received a visit from a beautiful young girl. He is purported to have been so distracted by the girl that the next day – in his tiredness – he mixed the fresh curds from the morning's milking with the curds from the night before. The result was a new type of cheese that was nicknamed "the tired one" by the milker's friends in reference to the lost night's sleep.
Gorgonzola usually has a thick, reddish rind with spots of grey mould in places. Depending on the variety, it is produced from curds collected from two milkings or curds from a single milking. Special mould cultures are introduced to the cheese during production. After a ripening period of around one month, the wheels are pierced on both sides with needles to encourage growth of the blueing culture. This cheese has a distinctive flavour that is characteristic of Gorgonzola. It can be described as tangy and spicy with a slightly sweet note. It usually tastes milder than it smells. By law, the cheese may only be produced in the regions of Lombardy and Piedmont. Gorgonzola that is sour or bitter should not be purchased.
Origin: Italy (Exclusively Lombardy & Piedmont)


Galbani Gorgonzola Eccellenza
Full-fat soft cheese made from pasteurized milk. The cheese is ready for consumption after 55-70 days. It has a soft, stretchy paste and is marbled with blue mould (blue/green veins). It has no holes, but it does display fine cracks. It can be eaten as a dessert cheese, with potatoes or on top of pizza. What's more, it can be used in sauces, added to fondue, and of course used in a wide range of traditional Italian recipes.
Galbani Gorgonzola Piccante
Full-fat soft cheese made from pasteurized milk. This cheese is ready for consumption after approx. 56 days. It has a similar texture to Gorgonzola Eccellenza. As the name suggests, it is quite intense and spicy. It makes an ideal topping for gratins and can be used in other hot dishes with noodles and vegetables. On a cheeseboard, it works particularly well with Tilsiter, mountain cheese, Comté and Taleggio from the same region. Suitable accompaniments include nuts and sweet fruit such as pears or grapes.

Allergies / special diets

Gorgonzola is not lactose-free.


The unique flavour of Gorgonzola lends itself to a combination of the following cheeses:
Cheese 1: Appenzeller Extra
Cheese 2: Brie Vallière
Cheese 3: Taleggio
Cheese 4: Pro Montagna organic Rigi Alpine cheese
Wine: Naturaplan organic Château Barillet vin suisse de pays blanc
Bread: Pumpkin seed bread or nut bread
Accompaniments: Chestnuts, figs, grapes