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Gstaad Alpine Cheese

Gstaad mountain cheese with herbs is a variety of hard cheese and is produced in the Gstaad dairy at over 1 000 metres above sea level. Most of the mountain milk used in the production of this cheese comes from Simmental cows that graze on grass and hay in the green meadows of the Saanenland.
Unlike other mountain cheese varieties, it is only available in summer and autumn. Thanks to the exclusive Pro Montagna product line, purchases of this cheese help support Coop Aid for Mountain Regions.
Origin: Switzerland Gstaad)


Gstaad mountain cheese with herbs
Gstaad mountain cheese with herbs is produced using pasteurized mountain milk and table salt. The cheese rind is enriched with a sophisticated blend of mountain herbs. These herbs add a subtle, flavoursome note to the smell and taste of the cheese. The flavour is rounded out by a tangy aroma, which develops during the ripening period (min. 3 months). Thanks to its aromatic flavour, Gstaad mountain cheese with herbs promises a real taste of the Swiss mountains.

Allergies / special diets

Gstaad mountain cheese with herbs contains so little lactose that it can be considered lactose-free.


The unique flavour of Gstaad mountain cheese with herbs lends itself to a combination of the following cheeses:
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Cheese 2: Tête de Moine rosettes AOP
Cheese 3: Pro Montagna Pragel Bödmeren Alpine cheese
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Wine: Ticino DOC Merlot Castello di Morcote
Bread: Sunflower seed bread
Accompaniments: Olives, grapes